We can't list exact prices here, because every job is very different. Your best option is to call us at 920-395-1688 and describe your problem, and we can give you a price estimate over the phone.

Small Jobs: $100 + An example might be a one-stop trip to remove a snake in the patio, or dead animal in the attic. Not a far drive outside our service range.

Medium Jobs: $250 + An example might be a multi-stop project involving setting traps, returning twice to remove and relocate wildlife, minor repairs, etc.

Large Jobs: $500 + An example might be a project with several service visits, full home and attic inspection, multiple animals, complex repairs, attic cleanup, etc.

Once all critters are removed, our fully-trained and friendly operatives will seal up the building and remove all attractants, followed up by repair work on your home that we personally guarantee is of a professional and high standard. At the same time, we'll make sure that no biological or contaminated material is left behind to spread diseases and other hazards. And all of this starts with just one phone call — your phone call. Our phones are manned 24/7, and we can offer you a same-day, within-hours appointment for those serious and dangerous situations. Get in touch for a free ballpark quote today.