How to Kick Wisconsin Raccoons Out of Your Attic Once and For All

The highly challenging most common job is to deal with Wisconsin raccoons in the attics. This isn't that easier thing as it seems! The main issues that there exist baby raccoons ALWAYS in their attics, with the female raccoons. Young ones appear helpless within nests of attic and don't get trapped easily. You need to first get rid of baby raccoons and then use them for trapping female raccoons. Thus, get all removed at once.

Following are some steps to remove raccoon out of attics:

Step 1:go into their Green Bay attics and search for them. Remove the baby Wisconsin raccoons. Most of the time, young pups also exist there, even if you don't know this. usually, there are 3 to 5 of these. If you don't find them, remain still and stand there for 3 minutes, unless you listen chattering noise. Grab them using a thick glove and tug them out.

Step 2:snatch the adult females. There are few options for this: actually, you can put a trap at exit and entry of hole for scaring her and then trapping her. Or, if she resides around attic for defending the pups, grab her out using snare pole and put her in cage. Or, if you have got the pups but she isn't here, use the pups for trapping her as the live bait.

Step 3:after you have got all Green Bay raccoons removed, seal the entry points one by one. If this isn't done, new animals may move into the attic soon. Raccoons which live in produce bad odor which can attract other wildlife easily. Also, there is a lot of mess which raccoons left in attic. Clean it up quickly before any other animals gets in there.

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